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Intensives & Consultations

 move from confusion to clarity with practical tools to transform racism and oppression

two hands raised making the peace sign - one from a Black man, the other from a white woman

Business Consulting and Employee Workshops

Learn how to build equity into your business. Go beyond diversity hiring to create a culture of inclusion.

  • Clarity - Define company goals and map out a strategy for success.
  • Engagement – Employees have input and access to group and individual support.
  • Belonging - Employees can embrace their gender identity, physical features, and disabilities as they are recognized for their contributions.
  • Discipline and Learning -  Harassment is treated as both a disciplinary action and a learning opportunity.
  • Transparency – Leadership is open about goals, the process, individual and group learning, and gives grace through the growth.
Four people sit closely at a table. A white man with hair in a bun scrolls on a tablet as a white woman, an Asian woman look on smiling. A third woman is only seen in profile.

Laura @illustrative

I've been able to have real and honest conversations with my clients to make sure I'm meeting their needs. I've given more thought to where I market my business, who I partner with and what I draw. I used to be scared to take leadership roles, go on podcasts run by people of color, or draw people of color because I didn't want to offend anyone. Now I feel confident in knowing I can be of service and learn along the way without the fear of failure. We are all in this together and it's an exciting journey ahead!

Everybody vs Racism:
how white supremacy became the invisible norm
Next Date: TBD

White supremacy was designed to be invisible. Learn how. And then learn how to make antiracism a habit. We'll get centered in our bodies so we can have a meaningful conversation and cover how colonial Virginia law:

  • helped make whiteness and racism invisible
  • discouraged interracial relationships and why
  • restricted non-white people from earning a living and collecting wealth
  • established many of the norms we live with today

Barbara @OraganizationalRebel

Best investment I made this year! #truth This class was life changing.

Christine Gautreaux, MSW @WomenConnectedInWisdom

I have taken numerous anti-racist workshops over the past 6 years & Sacil's is one of the best!! She breaks down tough subjects in ways that we can learn, digest & take out into the world. She gives us tools, techniques, and knowledge to sustain the vital work of anti-racism.