Legislating Racism in America

Saturday, January 8, 11AM ET/ 8 AM PT

One-Time Payment



2 Monthly Payments

$155 each


Learn Our History So
We Can Stop Repeating It

 This 2-hour Zoom workshop will cover:

  • Self-care expectations and techniques so we can have a meaningful conversation
  • Definitions of race, racism and other race-related vocabulary
  • The origins of race and how whiteness is invisible
  • Which came first, slavery or racism?
  • The first time slavery was encoded in colonial law
  • Step-by-step dehumanization of Black people and other people of color by colonial law
  • How interracial relationships were discouraged
  • How Black people and other people of color have been restricted in their ability to generate wealth
  • Explore how the systems are still in place, protecting white supremacy


Kim Kristensen, Warrior Mediator

Sacil brings a wealth of experience and knowledge combined with her unique style of “no shame, no guilt” that makes this training both accessible and impactful. As a skilled facilitator, Sacil kept us all engaged and even entertained at times!