Inspired by Indigo

Membership & Community



  • Unlimited access to fun, compassionate, doable workshops
  • No blame, no shame, no guilt learning style
  • Escape the cycle of fear and anxiety with self-care
  • Learn facts about racism and oppression so you can intentionally choose equity
  • Learn practical ways to stand up to oppression, exclusion, and injustice
  • Receive guidance to avoid burnout and disillusionment
  • Make equity a habit so you can live your values of love, justice, and equality
  • Create the community you want to live in



  • Everything in the Discover Tier PLUS 
  • Exclusive access to monthly live AMA (Ask Me Anything) events on Zoom. This is your chance to ask the awkward questions, get advice, and practice what you've learned before you take it out in the world!



  • Everything in the Discover and Breakthrough Tiers, PLUS 
  • a 45-minute Zoom coaching call each month to receive guidance on specific personal situations or just speak in private


Undo what we've learned (and lived) about race, privilege, and equality.

  • Self-care: healing is a form of protest
  • Know Your Facts: to undo myths and beliefs
  • Undo the Work: challenge oppressive social norms in your daily life
  • Rest and Celebrate: acknowledge your wins and avoid burnout

Bernadette Kapocias

I know this is a community of contributors but, my god, you are doing some priceless, badass leading, and I am grateful for all your efforts. xoxo