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Are you ready to move from confusion and overwhelm about racism to undoing what you've learned (and lived) about race, privilege, and equality? Then join the Inspired by Indigo membership and community because sitting down together is the first step to standing up to oppression.

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How to Talk to Your
Racist Friends and Family

November 15-22

We all know people with some pretty cringe ideas about who is worthy and who isn't, who deserves respect and support and who doesn't. What can you do to change their minds?

  • If you hesitate to challenge the racist (or sexist or homophobic) behavior of your friends, families, and colleagues
  • If you get tongue-tied when you try to speak up for human rights
  • If you want to set the example for your (grand)kids so they grow up unafraid to speak up

Then this workshop is for you! 2 Live Zoom sessions, 6 audio lessons, daily discussion posts, and a workbook will all help you to get grounded, know your facts, undo the work, and celebrate your progress.

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"Receiving clear instructions on ways to take action now and focusing on how small changes can make an impact was so important. Understanding that we all mess up gave me permission to keep going even when I make a mistake. You took the scared child in me and gave her fire and taught her how to fly."


Come on In!
We've got work to undo!

And don't worry about closing the door behind you. Around here we like things open - doors, hearts, minds.

We've all heard the sayings. White silence is violence. There's no such thing as not racist.
But how do you break the silence when you don't know what to say or do? And how do you know what's truly antiracist and what's just being nice (even if it's out of your comfort zone)?
Here's the thing. Everything you do in the world either challenges or upholds systemic oppression of all kinds. You either intentionally:
  • defy unjust structures and social norms
  • break cycles of oppression in your community
  • teach your kids and grandkids how to live your core values of love, justice, and equality

Or you unintentionally choose behaviors that:

  • unconsciously continue a legacy of inequality
  • reinforce those behaviors in the people around you
  • pass those ideas down to future generations
And here's another thing. Regardless of what you've believed or done in the past, you can choose differently right now - without blame, shame, or guilt. We focus on self-care first because healing is a form of protest. Letting go of fear and anger frees us up to be compassionate with ourselves and others.
I know this sounds like a huge shift, and it is. But we work incrementally, following the four pillars of Inspired by Indigo: self-care, know your facts, undo the work, rest and celebrate. Repeating these steps every month builds a habit to sustain ourselves and the movement towards social justice.
The color indigo is associated with integrity, higher levels of perception, and service - all traits that can help us heal and change the world for good.
Are you ready to create the change you want in the world?

"You give us the information and the encouragement and with that, we find the courage. My voice may be shaky and my words may be clumsy, but that will not stop me."

Susan O.

"Sacil’s delivery is organized, clear, passionate, and eye-opening. Even having taught U.S. history to middle schoolers, I learned more. She weaves history into present time, empowering each of us to do whatever we can to help today. As we learn what it means to be anti-racist, she uses guided meditations to ground us so we can receive the information. Her motto of “No Blame, No Shame, No Guilt” and her teaching are life changing."

Susan B.

Inspired by Indigo method

Four pillars to sustain you
and the work of social justice:

Self-care because healing is a form of protest
Know Your Facts to undo lies and myths
Undo the Work - what you've learned (and lived) about race, privilege, and equality
Rest & Rejoice

Nice to meet you!

Hey, y'all! I’m Sacil (suh-SEEL), an embodied equity consultant. I can help you release the stress of fear and anger - of blame, shame, and guilt - so you can recognize inequality and confidently stand up for inclusion. You'll be ready to do something and you'll know how to choose actions that make a difference.


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  • Learn facts about racism and oppression so you can intentionally choose equity
  • Learn practical ways to stand up to oppression, exclusion, and injustice
  • Receive guidance to avoid burnout and disillusionment
  • Make equity a habit so you can live your values of love, justice, and equality
  • Create the community you want to live in



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