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Undo what you've learned (and lived) about race, privilege, and equality. Let's create something better together.


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My method

Four pillars that sustain the work of social justice:

Self-care - healing is a form of protest
Undo mythology with facts
Undo the work - take antiracist action
Rest & celebrate

Come on in! We've got work to undo!

And don't worry about closing the door behind you. Around here we like things open - doors, hearts, minds. Being open - without blame, shame, or guilt - is how we change the hearts and minds so we can change behavior and systems.

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These popular classes are a great place to start. You can destress first or jump right into the movement for social justice.

The Zentangle® Method

An easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful artwork and focus your mind. Zentangle art is abstract and unplanned so you don't worry about the result.


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A Simple Meditation

Take 5 minutes to breathe and notice your body. You'll love the results.


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Legislating Racism

Learn how colonial American law was used to systematically dehumanize Black people and other people of color, and how those systems are still in place today.


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Nice to meet you!

Hey, y'all! I’m Sacil, a self-care and social justice facilitator. I work with clients to let go of fear and anger so they can confidently stand against exclusion, injustice, and prejudice.


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  • No blame, no shame, no guilt learning style
  • Use self-care as a form of protest - escape the cycle of fear and anxiety 
  • Learn historical facts about how our caste system was created and how it operates
  • Understand how power and privilege shape everyday life
  • Take practical antiracist action in your daily life
  • Build the type of life and community you want



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We've got work to undo

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We've got work to undo

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